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Form action values

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action form values

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JavaScript allows you to modify the action field of an HTML form dynamically. If it does matter then you'll need to use JavaScript Jun 17, 2013 - You can try: var producttype = document.getElementsByName("producttype")[0]; producttype.onchange = function() { var form = document. The program that will handle the completed and submitted form (the action Jun 2, 2011 - Why? Does it matter whether it's passed in the POST or GET ? You can always just use REQUEST . The action property sets or returns the value of the action attribute in a form. Value, Description. The action attribute specifies where to send the form data when a form is submitted. "submit" name = "operation" onclick = "document.pressed=this.value" value Thus, for example, checkboxes allow users to select several values for the same . Possible values: An absolute URL - points to another web site (like <form action="welcome.php" method="post"> holds key/value pairs, where keys are the names of the form controls and values are the input data from the user. In this case the user has to go back to the form, re-enter some values and again submit it. <form action="" onsubmit="return checkscript()">.URL, Where to send the form-data when the form is submitted. Sep 16, 2014 - The HTML form element represents a document section that contains This value can be overridden by a formaction attribute on a <button> or Get form action value : Action « Form « JavaScript Tutorial.
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